Great God of Wonders…!

I do viusalize the ways of God what is been taught to me from the begining…displays the attributes divine which is perfect…His countless acts of pard’ning grace, no one else i saw ever forgiving anyone although me/peoples doing things against him spiritually/carnally…i can feel he watches me over day & night…to my sight I could not see any wonders in this world which melts my heart how He forgives his loved ones over and over….yaa His wonders shines…!

I get lost in his wonders with trembling joy….I do take the pardon of my God…the pardon for crimes of deepest dies which am responsible…the pardon which is bought with ‘Jesus Blood’….!

Pardon from an offended God – Sorry I did offend but didn’t intend you know…Pardon for sins of deepest die – Its hard you know to survive in this sinful world but again thanks for ‘Holy Spirit’ by which once can obey your Words & so do I now….Pardon – You bestowed through ‘Jesus Blood’ on me/peoples ya it wasn’t possible by any but Jesus alone…Pardon – Which brings the rebel nigh to you example for me….I praise & honour you my God…!

This was so strange for me to know….this matchless grace Yap i don’t compare with any thing of this world…My God is a miracle of love which fills the wide earth with grateful praise as now it has filled the choirs above…!

Who is a pard’ning God like thee….? or who has grace so rich & free….?

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