Spend One Hour with Jesus…!

May be now a days I/You may not get time for the spiritual strengthening…but again we have to keep ourselves away from all evil; the word of God says so…the spirit of God guides and talks with us as we look unto him diligently…!

If your soul is weary at times like mine sometimes which is oppressed by sin or may be demoralized for some reason…Spend one hour with Jesus….!

He will give your spirit rest…because he has felt your grief or sorrow before even you numbered them ov’r again & again…you know what he likes to restore every joy of ours; so why not then spend atleast one good hour with Jesus…!

Well do we fear the darkness which gathers together and trys to cover us….? then silently in your inner room that is your heart – spend one hour with Jesus….Definitely he will talk unto our soul’s which will turn all the heartaches & make it whole…!

Every need of ours he wants to supply because he understands as God created us in his presence…we should be aware that he already knows what we want, than how gladly we need to look unto him constantly & thank him…i thanked him when i knew….Hey he showers his mercy & grace abundandly…he can do anything for us at any moment so isn’t better that we should spend atleast one hour with Jesus…!

You know what we got some more years to live and face the stormy way all along life’s path…let us call unto him day by day which will keep me & you close to him…tell him all everything what you have…He is your true friend & you will get countless blessings and will be taken care by him till the end…!

Hmn…Spend one hour with Jesus…It should not be grudgingly but a willing heart…!

For Eg: If you ask how to love God Almighty – As you get up early morning just remember him 1st & thank for the wonderful day…!

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