Road to Paradise…!

There’s a word that i heard many to repent & turn….am on a Road to Paradise….where the truth i’ll be knowing a crystal rivers flowing and no need for sun to shine….!

Faith comes by hearing and what i/we hear is the word of God…his words got the power to believe and repent…the day i believed i came to know the truth, yes it was clear as cyrstal rivers flowing and wondered if ever i would need the sun to shine cos He is the light of my paths…!

Where my God & my saviour are waiting for me….& my brothers and sisters before my i’ll see…no more will i roam when am heading right for home…am on a Road to Paradise..!

Looking forward to be at his heavenly place where i’ll meet my brothers & sister together in Christ…you know i/we don’t have to roam as when we know we are heading right for home….i.e Road to Paradise…!

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