I Need Thee Every Hour

Now i wanted to say this long time back but didn’t get dedicated time…so many things here and there, yes have to make myself available no excuses ahh…!

I need my God every hour and each moment…He’s above all and gracious all the time…i don’t know how long he will love and shower his blessing on me, i feel because i seek him…he bless me each day as i come to him…!

I need him every hour and ask my God to shelter me with his hand…all the temptations and lust of this world loose their power just because he is nearby…whatever may be the scene or could it be heavy when feel like someone persecuting but this is sure in mind victory is of Lord…!

I need him every hour…whether it may be in joy or pain….we need someone and My God is the best to share the same…he guides and takes care and am overwhelmed with his love…i pray always my Lord not to leave me alone and abide in me or my life is would in vain with no hope…!

I need thee every hour….i wanna learn your ways God…the true wisdom and understanding…imperishable…knowledge not of this world but the ordinances of your palace…learning and taking heed to this i know will inherit rich promises and assured blessing with love as you fulfill…!

I need thee every hour….am born in SIN and by grace you set me free…you are the most holy one and made me worthy be partakers of your table…honor and praise belongs to you and the only begotten son Lord Jesus…Oh make me thine Lord and i will be your true and faithful servant who wants to bring forth/give you 100% as much i can…!

I need thee oh i need thee….every hour i need thee….Oh bless me now my saviour i come to thee…!


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