Implementing DAG – Exchange 2010

Let me take you through the concept on DAG in Exchange 2010. A brief introduction as follow before i want you all going through the document which i created.

DAG is a all new feature of Exchange 2010 and replacement of CCR & SCR from Exchange 2007. It is very easy and implement and manage the exchange database. Here the concept is to create a Group and add the MBX servers maximum 16copies and minimum of 2copies for creating DAG. It uses windows fail-over clustering feature to be installing as a pre-requisite.

The Active database can be created on a MBX server and later on the passive copy need to be created on the second node of the server. The passive node can be created on any MBX server whether on the same or different site/DR Site from the DAG group.

While creating a active database and its passive copies one things need to keep in mind is that both the server should have same database path provisioning with drive letter. The Database are replicated online and log files can be scheduled as lag time to replicate over a LAN or WAN.

Hmn….I feel its a nice feature since 2000 which have seen and hope to be more familiar with managing and troubleshooting too…!

Please find the attached document created using test lab implementing DAG.   Implementing DAG in 2K10

Hope its been informative as it was for me…!

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