A Friend Of Mine…!

Was wandering why things of this world has made me so busy…lot of things goes in mind…very very busy…!

But why should i charge my soul with care every now and then because the wealth in every mine belongs to Christ – God’s son and heir & he’s a friend of mine…!

He created the world and therein….how beautiful is his creations i wished if i could see all and glorify him…the silver moon of night, golden sun of day & all the stars that shines above are his alone yes his very own and he’s a friend of mine…!

I wasn’t worthy but by his shed blood he cleansed and made me free from sin…by his words he daily spreads a glorious feast to the souls of men….at least am satisfied and thank him…he calls everyone at his table to dine guess how lucky i am just not because of my works but by his grace and love…!

He will be soon back in bright array to lead the conquering line….it will be glory then to say that he’s a friend of mine…!

Yes, he’s a friend of mine and he with me doth all things share…since all is Christ & Christ is mine why should i have a care….for Jesus is a friend of mine…!


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