How I Trust Him – Jesus…!

Oh how sweet is to trust in Jesus….just to obey at his word and follow the path….just to rest on all his promises which he got for me & just to know “Thus saith the Lord”

It feels great and previlege to trust him now and then…i trust his precious cleasing blood which frees me from sin….its so easy to trust and have faith in Jesus…he heals the diseases and cures oppressed ones…!

Yes its so sweet to trust in Jesus…it keeps me away from sin & self to cease…just from him i’m simply taking life, rest, joy & peace…!

I’m so glad I learned to trust him…he’s so precious, my saviour and best friend…all what i know Thou art with me, yes will be with me till the end of my life…!

Jesus, Jesus, how i trust you…!
How i’ve proved you ov’r & o’vr
Jesus, Jesus….Precious Jesus
Oh for grace I trust you more and more…!

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