Nearer Still Nearer Close To Thy Heart

Nothing else can be nearer more than you O Lord to my heart, you are so precious that I cannot forsake you for any reason because you are above all…draw me my saviour because i understand who you are, the almighty & creator of all…walking in your ways i know will be safe and sheltered in that haven of rest….!

Nearer yes still nearer nothing i can bring to thee…not even as a small offering could i bring to you Jesus my King because the world is yours and the things therein, but again that which was sinful and now the contrite heart which i can bring to you….for which your cleansing blood which doth impart…!

Nearer still nearer lord I want to be thine….the sin which i had of foolishness i gave up….ya the foolishness has its own character in terms of pleasures which distracts from you, the splendor which vanishes and the pride which goeth before destruction….Give me but Jesus my Lord who’s crucified for my Sin.

Nearer still nearer yes be with me while my life shall last….till all it’s struggles and trials which are yet to pass…then through eternity for sure ever i will be with you….Nearer my saviour yes, Still nearer to thee….!


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