Awake, Awake O Heart of Mine…!

Awake, awake O heart of mine….Sing praise – Sing praise to God above….Take up the song of endless years and sing redeeming love…!

My heart – it often look towards God above to praise him. Then when my heart rests I call & command Awake, Awake O heart of mine.

Jesus’ redeeming love – died on Calvary cross for my sins and gave his righteousness.  I am bought with a price by his life shed blood which redeemed me (the punishment of death because of sin) and sanctified (apart from evil).

I thank him for saving me everyday – My redeemer, lord & king. My life & ransom powers cannot & never repay for his love towards me. I humbly take his mercy condescend which brings me near to his throne.

Oh love unchanging, love sublime & not all the hosts above – I cannot measure of God’s eternal love which reach its height or sound the depth. His wondrous love enfolds the earth (his creations) and fills the realms (kingdom) above. It is His boundless as eternity where my Heart praises the God of Love.


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