Disciple of Jesus…the field is the world…the field is the world….!

It often comes in my heart…a great pending work to be done…my excuses Ahh…I feel hurt for not having the zeal like a burning fire, don’t remember when was the last time I preached the Gospel (Good News)…! I want to very much from the bottom of my heart share the benefits and pleasure having eternal life…it’s not only limited to me but available to each and every one who believes Jesus is their KING.

It was told to me….Disciple of Jesus why do you think of yourself only and just be idle rather going in his vineyard because he calls you specifically….yes I may not be when I want to work actually once the day is passed…not only me but none can labour at night. Oops…My Master commands me and why should I delay….Surely I will not…!

My field is the world and work is around me….I know my message and it’s no longer heavy to bear the same…for his yoke his meek and lowly in heart…it can be anywhere I wander as home or abroad, in the cottage or palace(everywhere I live)…wherever am directed is the mission from him.

Perhaps I was called from the highway & the hedges…I thank him for choosing me because I feel amazed…Jesus loves everyone the lowly, despaired & oppressed, he calls and gathers to his place. If this is our very duty then let me not hesitate for what I have been called…I will do it and trust to my saviour the rest.

Yes I desire but the will is of God…to proclaim the very good news over island that sleep in the wave-crested ocean, I will scatter the truth and the fruit it will bear accordingly. Over  Ice-covered regions and rock girded mountains….damn sure about the Lord protecting his children over there.

The Field is the world….the field is the world
Lookup for the harvest is near…when the reapers from Glory will shout as they come
And the Lord of the harvest appears….!

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