Trust & Obey for there’s “No” other way…because He knows best :)

Almost every day we communicate with God for whatever….

Today while seeing out through the office windows, the cloud almost darkened the sky and it was evening by 5pm. Yes it rained for a while and the cloud almost passed by that time I monitored. It reminded me….

Not a shadow can rise… not a cloud in the skies because its smile quickly drives it away…not a doubt nor a fear, not a sigh nor a tear can abide while I trust & obey…The things of the world bothers lot, so many things here and there but looking unto him the burden turns light.

When we hear the word we acknowledge and want to walk accordingly, his word are like the light of our ways which will always leads to the path where our destiny is….due to which we may not fall in trial and tribulation in fact rejoice I rejoice because I know already overcame. Each moment would be glorified which belongs to Christ …while we do his very good will he will definitely abide with us always for those all who will Trust & Obey…!

We can never ever prove the delights of his love until all on the altar we lay…his loving kindness which he shows towards us and the gladness which kept every day for us are for them who will trust and obey…!

Then in fellowship sweet when I meet my brothers and sisters (followers of Christ) we will do sit at his feet & also while in pray in secret or will walk in the sides of his ways…what he says we will do where he sends we will go…there is no fear but to trust & obey…!

Trust & Obey…for there’s no other way…to be happy in Jesus…but to Trust & obey…!  

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