Master Speak Thy Servant Heareth

What a privilege to have a perfect Master….your wisdom is better than gold & thy word is the lamp unto my path…thy ways leads to the everlasting life….!

Master speak thy servant heareth waiting for thy gracious word because there none other word which makes me glad more than thy voice…longing for thy voice that cheer-eth, Master let it now be heard…I wish you could talk to me as you did with Abraham, Noah & Moses but again I thank a lot when I read the Bible and pray I hear you saying…I am listening Lord for thee…let me know what has thou to say to me…?

The Holy Spirit helps me listen when the word of God is said and by hearing it, the faith is sowed in me not of man but of God. It is like gladness unto my heart sweeter than the voice of ten thousand angels singing. I know you must be having lot of things to say every day and let me know what has thou to me….? I want to do right and I don’t wanna blame anyone but again as apostle Paul said by Christ I can do all things, so am I.

Master Speak to me by name (Charles Derber) O Master, let me know it is to me…I know every word is applicable to me as per the seasons and times but again I pray speak to me by my name…Speak that I may follow Master with a step more firm and free…there is so much strength and freedom following you my Master that nothing of this world could distract me…as a flock led by shepherd in the shadow of rock…!

I would love to be called by my beloved ones….you are above all, I wasn’t worth but your blood cleansed me from sin. You owe my life and Speak I will follow thee. It will be my pleasure Master to led by you…!

Master Speak…! Lord from thy throne and I shall not be unheard depart…you know all the desire of my heart.

All the yearning of my heart to thee is very well known, so speak from thy throne and it will not be unheard.

Master Speak and I would be ready when thy voice is truly heard….with obedience glad and steady still to follow every word…. I am listening Lord for thee, Master Speak oh Speak to me…!

The Holy Spirit that you gave recognizes very well your voice and doesn’t delay any of your calling…whatever state I am in, Master Speak and I’m listening to thee…!

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