Adam & Eve : Not the very first Human on this Earth says – Bible.

The objective of below Paragraph what I wrote is to make aware people that Adam & Eve was not the only first Man & Women on this earth and the creation of Earth in Overview, beside them there were also many people of which the Bible(The word of God) says.

First Day – Light penetrates from the sun penetrates the darkness of the deep, the gases and steam around the earth. Very much essential for plant and animal life to be possible is light. The rotation of the earth on its axis every twenty for hours caused the light to alternate with darkness, there by distinguishing between day and night.

Second day – The cooling of the earth caused condensation of water which in turn caused a firmament  or expanse or heaven between the sea and the dense cloud of water-vapour above. Air is the second essential for breathing plant and animal life.

Third Day – Dry land & Seas. The shrinking of the cooling earth caused the great earth-quakes which threw down the valleys into which the water ran to form seas and threw up the mountains which formed the dry land. Both the seas and earth were necessary for future life to be sustained. Then appear the earliest forms of life on the earth-grass, herbs and trees in ascending order.

Fourth Day – Sunlight. The densely clouded atmosphere clears so that sun, moon and stars becomes visible on the earth making possible an accurate calendar of time and seasonal changes, a further great  step in making the earth habitable.

Fifth Day – Fish in the Sea and Fowl in air, both necessary to keep a healthy balance in anticipation of the appearance of animals and man.

Sixth Day – Animals preparatory to providing labor, clothing, food for man. Man created in God’s image, for his pleasure and to be set over His universe as His sons.

Fruit and Green herb for meat, testify that there was intelligent planning in the creation of all the previous items in the order there set out and this is confirmed by thousands of proofs of a directing mind in nature around us.

To conclude from above we read no statement that plant life, fish, fowl or animals appeared on only one part of the globe. This implies that there was a universal appearance of each item in all the continents of the earth. This is confirmed by geology which shows the remains of life in all parts of the globe. From this we would also conclude that man was no exception and that he was created in many pairs, male and female, in all the continent and with the appropriate physical character of colour of skin, etc., suitable to the climatic conditions. This solves of different races which have always been on the earth as far back as records  and shows that they did not all come from the historical Adam or Noah,  nor do the impossible feat of crossing the ocean from any common centre.

Now we should know where Cain got his wife

Adam and Eve had to sons, Cain & then Abel. The jealousy of Cain over God’s preference for the sacrifice of Abel caused Cain to murder him. As a result God exiled Cain from the face of the earth…the presense of the Lord, in to the land of Nod, to the east of Eden. Now we note that Cain was fearful that he would be slain and that God acknowledged the truth behind the fear that there were people in the land of Nod by giving Cain a mark which would protect him. Further, Cain obtained a wife in the land of his exile. Then at the birth of his firstborn, Enoch, he built a city and named it after Enoch. All these points prove conclusively that there were “many other human being in the world” besides Adam, Eve & Cain and clearly establishes the fact of pre-Adamic races of men. Many workers would have been required both to build Cain’s city and then to live in it.

In the place of Abel, we read that Seth was born to Adam & Eve and Genesis chapter 5 then gives the story of the line of Seth down to Noah and his three sons dwelling in the same land as their forefather Adam. This may in turn be the explanation as to where Seth & his sons obtained wives so that marriage between brothers and sisters was avoided. This would also show one reason why God exiled Cain to the land of Nod, and preserved his life.

About Adam & Eve, they were created on Seventh Day by God with a purpose which I will later share a blog.

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2 Responses to Adam & Eve : Not the very first Human on this Earth says – Bible.

  1. Shabbir says:

    Reading this article for the first time and here is my query,


    *(Just to Note This Part) First Day you mentioned is light (Sunlight) is very much essential for Plant..
    *Third Day you mentioned – Grass, Herbs & Trees Got Created.
    *Forth Day you mentioned – Sunlight (Sun/Moon) Came into existence (Got Created)

    Technically, If Grass/Herbs/Trees very much required Sunlight, Then how Grass/Herbs/Trees came first and sunlight Later.


    Genesis Chapter 1: 24-28
    (This Says Man Was Created First – Before Beast)

    Genesis Chapter 2: 16-21
    (This Says Beast Was Created First – Before Man)

  2. The intention of this blog is to emphasize more on the subject that there was Man before Adam but however as per your query-

    As it is written Let there be light, if you see more specifically it wasn’t mentioned God “created” light.

    Accordingly to me it could be a command out of the source already created which God had then “set” them(lights which were already created – sunlight/moon) in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth.(I belive it wasn’t visible to earth until it was set) – verse 17

    That which He made completes by defining them as greater light(sun) and lesser light on forth day(verse 16).

    If you go in original Hebrew its a matter of verb being translated into English describing light over the verses in chapter 1 in book of Genesis.

    Hope you got the answer there was light before the creation of Grass/Herbs/Trees.

    Nope – It is beast that God created first before man as per verse 24-25

    So as per verse 26-28 God “created” man in his own image to be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: (I am talking about the Gentiles) after every beast on earth.

    If you start reading from Ch2 verse 7 it mentions God “formed” man whom he took to the Gardern on eden – Who is Adam..!

    Ch2 Verse 16-21, Yes – It does says beast was created before man.

    Hope it was informative.

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