Let Each Bring Forth After Its Own Kind

The apostle Paul 1900 years ago before biology had proved Genesis 1 to be correct wrote the following wonderfully concentrated summary of biological law : And that which thou sowest, thou sowest not that body that shall be, but bare graine, it may chance of wheate, or of some other graine. But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to euery seed his own body.

That is when God first created each species of plant, animal or man, He determined exactly the body the descendants of each species would be like by forming the peculiar pattern of each seed with its unique number of chromosomes and by causing the cells to multiply in growth without alteration in their intrinsic nature. Thus man has always been a man, never a monkey or a crocodile and he can never become a monkey or a crocodile because the pattern of man’s cell was fixed irrevocably by God when He made the first men. This is why each seed-cell grows into a correspondingly unique adult “body” peculiar to its species. This is in harmony with Genesis 1 which tells us what God’s design or will was that each species would bring forth after its own kind.

The next point which Paul here brings out is that as each seed is sown, germinates and grows into the “body” or adult of its species it is God who GIVES(present tense) the body to the particular seed. Here is then the second great reason why no species can produce a new species because the life of the creator energizes the seed to become the adult body which He willed and determined when the first of that species was created in the dim past. In view of the failure of “evolution” to account for even the begining of life some evolutionist grudgingly let God start off the life process at the begining but then give “evolution” the credit for doing the rest.

The Truth is that God not only started off the first life in each species and willed that each would bring forth after its own kind by means of its invariable cell structure but also His life is continously energizing all living matter and is there directing the cycle of seed, germination, growth, adulthood, death etc. down the ages. Therefore normally without a deliberate creative act of God no species could ever possibly produce a different species because its cell pattern was fixed irrevocably at the begining and because the life from the Creator directs its growth “after its kind” i.e. towards its appropiate “body” peculiar to its species.

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