Coexistence & Migrating from IBM Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Part 1

This article series would be very much helpful if you are looking for migrating from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange organization.

I would take you through the each step right from the scenario setup till moving the users and group from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange Organization.

Please go through the documents which I’ve made for your reference and hands on practical to setup so that you could test your migration  by-self(not recommended to implement in your production).

I have used “Shared NameSpace” scenario which is quite common and below are some topic which is made and shared for you all. Further I would post more as per my availability(which I try to make myself) to do the same.

                                                  Architecture Diagram

Domino Server Setup

  • Installing lotus Domino Server 8.5.3
  • Configuring Lotus Domino Server 8.5.3 for the domain

Notes Client Setup

  • Installing Lotus Notes 8.5.3 client
  • Configuring person’s ID(Admin) for using Lotus notes for domain

Domino Admin Setup

  • Installing Lotus Notes Administrator 8.5.3
  • Connecting the server domain for registration of the server
  • Creating person document in the organization to test mail flow

Testing Mail Flow

  • Mail flow test of self-mailbox (Admin)
  • Mail flow within the DogFood Organization (e.g. Admin and Charles Derber)


If you have any concerns/queries please do revert and feel free to ask.

Note : You can install DNS service in Lotus Domino environment so that while resolving you are properly directed to the server in my case I have modified the host file to resolve the server name.

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