Discontinued Features in Exchange 2013 from Exchange 2010

Exchange Roles

  • HUB Transport Role :The HUB Transport role is longer in Exchange 2013 and is replaced with the Transport Service on Mailbox Server and the Front End Transport Service on CAS server.
  • Unified Messaging Role :The Unified Messaging is longer in Exchange 2013 and is replaced with the Microsoft Exchange Unified Service on both Mailbox and the CAS server.

Management Features

Exchange Management Console and Control Panel is now replaced with Exchange Administrative Console in Exchange 2013.

Email Clients

  • Outlook 2003 – In Exchange 2013 the use of autodiscover is required and since Outlook 2003 doesn’t use Autodiscover hence it is not supported.
  • RPC/TCP – It is now replaced with RPC/Http


  • Linked Connectors – In Exchange 2010 we used these connectors to link send connector to receive connector which is no longer available in Exchange 2013.
  • Anti-spam Agent – In Exchange 2010 you could manage Anti-spam agent when enabled via both Exchange Management Console as well as Exchange Management Shell however in Exchange 2013 when you enable you can only manage via Exchange Management Shell. (You cannot manage using EAC)
  • Connection Filtering – In Exchange 2010 when you enable Anti-spam agent it was the only attachment filtering agent that wasn’t available but in Exchange 2013 when you enable Anti-spam agent both the attachment filtering agent as well as connection filtering agent is not available.

Exchange Retired Tools

  • Exchange Best Practice Analyzer – used to analyze whether the configuration was in line with MS best practices
  • Mail Flow Troubleshooter – used to troubleshoot common mail flow problems
  • Performance Tool – used to collection performance report for the Exchange Server
  • Performance Troubleshooter – used to locate and identify performance related issues that could impact Exchange Servers
  • Routing Log Viewer – used to help viewing routing topology from a routing log file

Messaging and Compliance

  • Managed Folders – In Exchange 2010 we used Managed folders for Messaging Retention Management which is now longer supported instead we have to use retention policies.
  • Port Managed Folder Wizard – Since there is no support for Managed folders to create retention tags we now have to use New-RetentionPolicyTag using Exchange Management Shell.

 Outlook Web App features that Isn’t Supported in Exchange 2013

  • Shared Email Folders – Using this feature we could access other mailbox shared folders
  • Distribution List Moderation – Used to approve/reject email sent to a specific DL group
  • Spell Check – OWA now relies on the web browser spell check services
  • Reading Pane @bottom of the Page – There is no display of reading pane at bottom of the page using OWA
  • Reply to Embedded Emails – Users won’t be able to reply emails that are sent as attachments.
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