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Sad news out past week about retiring MCM/MCSM/MCA certifications and it has disappointed, discouraged & demotivated many of the Exchange experts who currently hold this certifications / about to give exams / who aim or prepare to be one of them.

Even in this case I wouldn’t want to give up the passion or have anything bad to say about because I already know (preparing for it & going through the pre-reading list) what it means.

I would rather to encourage thought of bringing those highly motivating words right from the Masters who have already sown & thrilled the hearts of Exchange guys by their invaluable comments & their passion.

Not knowing what’s next I still hope, learn, prepare myself for knowing & understanding Exchange via whatever the available resources (TechNet/Help.chm) / peer groups (friends/colleagues)/ Expert’s articles / Master’s blogs.

Hear it from Masters what it takes – John Rodriguez, Andrew Ehrensing, David Zazzo & Greg Taylor

The people who come for this program are the people who really looking either to take it to the next level or fill in all the gaps, they already know exchange, and they are looking to increase their knowledge of Exchange. You don’t come here to learn, you come here to kind of improve and go beyond.

Also you are in the room with lot of peers who are at the top level in their field so instead of just being one expert in the room, one or two or three…you realize that you are just one of 15 / one of the 20 people in the room, all are operating at your level and your caliber.

You can’t get this content anywhere else, you won’t get this content anywhere else and so just by going through that hopefully make you better expert on Exchange,

Let’s get the show on the road of three weeks having Exchange loving 🙂

People who go through the program come out the other side with a far greater awareness and understanding of the product

So for example – If you already knew some client access you will learn twice as much here, if you already understood disaster recovery you would learn even more here. The idea is to take basic level content you will find in the Microsoft Certified IT Professional track and go far beyond that.

Don’t under estimate the program don’t go and think that you can cruise through things thinking that I know exchange server, I passed all MCP exams am good to go because you will be very quickly realigned and recalibrate with that

It is very intense experience the days are long the content comes at you hard and fast, it’s not the blink and you miss it but it’s a lot of content coming very quickly

First few days are settling and experience then you get in to routine and before you know you are awaken up 6:00am every day and go to bed 11:00PM every day and only you find yourself in the middle of Exchange

You know the values going to be the long term results of your projects so it’s going to be what’s the technical qualities of your deliverables is, you know it should be higher

Somebody who has been through this program represents the much more complete and professional picture to a client to a customer they understand why we make the decision or why Microsoft makes recommendation that we do

Then it is about proving your customer and having a stand proof approval right you’ve been signed off by Microsoft you passed the technical qualities you passed the bar. So the customers can feel good and get the assurance that they are working with top tier experts trained signed off by Microsoft and the product group really is big part of this, that solution should work to meet the needs of the customer

Be prepared to dedicate yourself to exchange for three weeks it’s that simple you cannot juggle this with work you cannot juggle this with family visits going out you are here for Exchange and you are going to learn Exchange and you are going to be immersed in Exchange and kind of subsumed in it.

Having the peer groups both as support system and as a sounding board is also benefit in the class itself

As part of participating in the MCM rotation really it is the access to the product group access to the community that you wouldn’t may be even know that it exist in the first place and being know you know that exist and you know that everyone is of the same technical excellence its invaluable resource I have this weird desired edge case, hey what you guys think send right and you get the mind hive, you can get all the other MCMs and all the other Rangers from Exchange 2003 to 2010 and then the next version, you know thinking about it you get a lot of expert ideas and expert opinions about it may be how to solve this edge case that you haven’t come across before

But if you dedicate yourself to it and you really do – except that is your focus for those three weeks at the end the reward is that you will be unrecognizable you won’t recognize yourself as an Exchange Professional you will grow that much am not talking about maturation or something like that I mean the content you will learn will be just staggered.


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