Journey To My First Twenty Push-Up Per Set – Not Microsoft Exchange :P

Push-Up (or Press-Up)  are now one of the favorite exercise during my workout & you know what it really helps in building the upper body especially the shoulder / triceps & chest.

As a beginner it was damn hard for me to be consistent or even do 1 perfect push-up, it started with day 1 at gym where I did around 12 push-up in set1 but then the number went on reducing back as well the sets.

Below is the account per day and the number of push ups done during my initial day of work out, wanted to experience and document how the journey takes make first 20 push- up per set.  Check out my first 20 push-up video uploaded on you tube.


Day 1 – Awesome 12 push-up (but then after workout while going back home couldn’t control while walking the body was tight)

Day 2 – Couldn’t do a single push up as the arms were jammed & in fact couldn’t raise up my hands, it was troubling me to even wear my upper clothes especially T-shirts.

Day 5 – Trying had every day for a single push-up, the moment I used to start after going down, used to feel so much pressure on arms & then couldn’t get up back.

Day 6 – Not even a single push-up till this day coz I could still feel the pressure on arms

Day 7 – It was recommended by the trainer to take rest & not required to do work out. I tried to do practice at home if I could achieve one but still failed.

Week 2

Day 8 – Still trying hard but can’t pull up once I go down

Day 10 – Still practicing but no nope

Day 13 – Not yet even a single perfect push-up 😦

Day 14 – Sunday – No hope even after trying hard for this two weeks. I was feeling very ashamed and frustrated thinking what’s happening I can’t even do one?

I’ve seen people doing 20-25 push-up per set on floor and am struggling for one? Used to think what people around might be thinking as am failing to do.

Week 3

No going to gym coz had to travel outstation officially for work but at the same time had informed my trainer for guidance what to do & got some tips.

Tips was to take support of legs for the push-up & I liked this idea 😛

Day 16 – Started with leg support and managed to do 10 half push-up

Day 18 – Day by day sincerely practicing progress in to 10x 2 sets

Day 20 – Practicing till weekend but still not a single perfect push-up but at the same time progressed in half push-up 15x 3 sets.

Day 21 – Sunday – traveling back home and couldn’t practice but was waiting for Monday back to gym.

Week 4

Day 22 – Did warm up and felt strong. Did one perfect complete push-upsmile on my face 🙂 finally I did it, you see nothing is impossible as one thinks.

Day 24 – 4 complete push-up, couldn’t control my smile as had lost hope if I could even do more than 1. Gladly used to tell my colleagues and trainer on my progress 😀

Day 26 – 7.5x set1 complete push-up & 4x set2

Day 27 – 8x set1 complete push-up & 3x set2/set3/set4

Week 5

Day 29 – Monday / 10x set1 complete push-up, 8x set 2 & 7x set 3

Day 30 – 11.5x set1, 8x set2 & 7x set3

Day 34 – 14x set1, 11x set2 & 10x set 3

Week 6 & It goes on…

Day 40 – 15x set1/2 & 14x set3

Then onwards it became consistent and I like got addicted, doing it double not only during workout timings but also getting up early before going to office.

No excuses of not doing the push-up rather I did it even when I was traveling wherever I got chance to do like late evening while am in the waiting room of train station(Howrah) or inside Airport(Bhubaneshwar) just before the boarding pass was issued 😛 didn’t care about the public audience & to my surprise few people were staring at me and some came up to me for tips to know the benefits and how to do 😀

Later then and now the number of push-up have been increased drastically and at least feel proud whoever are doing workout at gym, am doing somewhat equivalent to them and I do total around 90-100 push-up per day.

It took me 6 to 7 weeks to do 20x set1 and total 90-100 push-up per day & thought why not make a video for remembrance and hope it inspire/motivate others

I cannot thank enough for the support and guidance I got from my trainer where I feel proud to mention their name here below.

Awesome Guys – Sanjay Kunchikorve / Asif Ansari & Sunny Gupta.


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